Nostalgia at its finest!


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Like many of you, I am an original VMK player. I was 10-12ish at the time, so VMK really was a space for me to be myself and even figure out the beginning of who I am. I'm looking for old friends, new friends, anyone really! I will likely not put lots of time into this since I'm married now with a full time job and hoping for an addition to our family soon, but the comfort and warmth of this place seems to be such a stress reliever :)

A little bit about me... I am not particularly great at any hobbies, but I sure do enjoy them (painting, singing, clay work, etc). I'm struggling with mental health but taking one day at a time. My husband is super supportive and I couldn't ask for a better partner through it all. Overall, I feel extremely lucky to live the life I have!

Thank you for listening and I hope to get to know you all as well!


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Welcome back! :D Glad to have you here. You should join the discord if you wanna chat with more people!