Just got a spurt of nostalgia cravings. It may be due to it being a Sunday... I started thinking about VMK again. I decided to get myself in an internet VMK hole; looking up why it closed again. Even though, I am fully aware of why it closed because I have read it so many times. I logged onto the game, sadly it is not the same for me. I giggled at seeing my bio, "just trying to have a good time in an apocalyptic world", stated years ago (maybe 2018 was last time I logged on). I got my college buddies on the game at one point, they didn't understand, welp I tried. ANYWAY, I got all weird and was curious about who the original creator is. I think I found his Linkedin page, lmao, which inspired me to look for more people on Linkedin with a VMK experience (lil kid me never thought I'd be looking up the vmk creators on a professional development website that I was forced to make an account for in one of my uni classes).

...Maybe I could get the band back together!!

also thought i'd share my cringey VMK themed youtube account, maybe i'll meet an old friend. ...i made videos of me just naming all my vmk friends, lol idk..