Not sure how to make friends here... but hello!

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Hey everyone, I'm back! I was a very avid VMK player as PopDivaSoul in the original game. I used to play MyVMK heavily in 2014 but since I went away to college I log on maybe twice a year.

I'd love to start playing regularly again but I'm not sure how to make friends. Everyone seems so close and public rooms are usually empty. So... if you want to be my friend, shoot me a message! :halcyon:


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hi there! :wave: i'm meggo in game and i'm pretty sure i saw you fantasyland courtyard a few minutes ago, but you poofed lol
Ahhh I'll say hi next time!!! :)[DOUBLEPOST=1506994208][/DOUBLEPOST]
Hey, I'm Dcpbeast in-game! It's not as hard as you think to make friends, everyone is pretty social!

I tend to play a lot of pirates, if you like that minigame then you should join me and some other friends!
I used to play all the time! I'm sure I'm pretty rusty now hahaha


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Hiya, my IGN is SC_Girl. Tbh it's true people have their friends and all in this game, but almost everyone I've talked to is super accepting and welcoming once you break the ice (just say hi :D).

I'll try my best to say hi if I see you around and remember your name heh :)


but you can call me daze
heeey, welcome back! I just joined about two weeks ago and people have been very nice and helpful so it's easier than it seems haha I felt the same way. If you need anything, lemme know I'll try to help :p see you around!
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