NPC Clicking Patterns?


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Do you have a daily pattern of clicking NPC's? Just curious as we twice daily click NPC's, I have a pattern that I really never change! What's yours? or Do you just do them randomly?

I know this is a truly useless silly topic, but none-the-less I'm curious, because, I rarely if ever change the pattern of clicking NPC's!! lol

My pattern is as follows:

Blue Bayou, Gator Waiter
Emporium, Esmeralda the Fortuneteller
Matterhorn, Yeti
Dungeon, Malificent the Dragon
Pirates Treehouse, Captain Blackheart
Shrunken Ned's Shop, Shrunken Ned

and, that's it! I rarely if ever change the pattern!

What's yours?? Curious if others have a specific route also, and then when we were in OG, where in the line-up was the Haunted Mansion? Remember? Gus (prisoner), Ezra (Skeleton) and Phineas (Traveler)?

If I remember correctly, Gator Waiter was added afterwards, my first clicks in OG were the ghosts, then Emporium and so on...never changed the pattern. I know I'm odd, but are there others similar? This is my question to all of you, looking forward to hearing from all of you! Thank you!
emporium, matterhorn, dungeon, pirates, shrunken neds, haunted mansion ghosts, then blue bayou
this was my route in og so i just kept it.
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Blue Bayou
Pirate treehouse

I also sometimes do it in reverse order but idk why LOL

I’m also really bad about clicking them twice a day or even once a day. I just do it when I remember (:

Edit: to be honest, I don’t remember the haunted mansion NPCs at all. If they add them to myVMK maybe it’ll spark a memory for me!
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