OG VMK Nostalgia

First, sorry if this has been done before :D

Second, I wanna say that I'm so grateful that VMK is back! While it's not exactly the same as the old game, it's over a decade later, so why would it be? I truly have nothing but appreciation for the staff that keep it alive and well.

That being said, I think a lot of us play bc we missed VMK. What do you remember about the old game? The little things, like when you would be in the top 3 of a fireworks game and come out of a winner's podium. Ordering food at Blue Bayou, red spacesuits you could get by visiting a park (are those still around?), the narnia adventure game (gotta say I was a little miffed to see that you can buy a wardrobe teleporter in a store now lmao) and yeti game (so creepy) you could get items from, etc.

One thing I DON'T miss is the boys meet girls rooms and the hoards of ppl joining a kid's game to hook up:facepalm:
I miss always meeting up with various friends at Central Plaza to do the good night countdown every night. We'd always stand on that right top corner on the sidewalk.

Also miss being able to side around on the waterpark ride starts
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can we reminisce on cute or boot? xD
genders not being interchangeable... haha
i miss all of my friends from back in the day. my gold and black mickey ears that took me forever to get my hands on, haha.
how it would close at 10PM and open in the morning!