Oh well.... Cya later

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2 problems to which is why I will say my farewell until things change.
1.-I just recently moved and my old laptop won't connect to the internet but my Mac is fine.
2.-I have a mac now and I still haven't seen any solution to getting on Myvmk.

I don't have much to lose on here or friends to say goodbye to so yea. It'll be great to know if there was a solution.
Thanks. :rose:
Aw :( do you have an android phone I think those work with myvmk
There has been a solution posted many times youll have to search for the thread unless anyone has a link?
Its by booting windows on your mac. Wish I could give you more info but I cant think of the program from the top of my head.


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You can use virtualbox or something similar to download Windows on your Mac to play vmk. I looked up guides online to do it, and used my student ID to get a free version of Windows. Personally, I wouldn't do it unless I had a lot of space on my laptop (I only did it because I had my old laptop, so I didn't care if it ran out of storage - it wasn't being used).
So you just gonna leave me, just like that?
-whispers- ok but dont blame me for this mac situation love[DOUBLEPOST=1505344515][/DOUBLEPOST]
@Olaf. I tagged Rosey yesterday in a fix that has helped other players! Hopefully she's got some success with it!
ill try it out eventually. downloading the Mc windows was gonna take a long while and i'm too busy with school work and i still feel like i would need a helping hand to make sure im doing it right rofl
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