Original VMK Expedition Everest Room Competition Rules ?


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This is from the rules pertaining to the Everest Room Competition:

"Judging will take place between the following times:
· Friday February 24, 2:30 - 8:30pm Pacific
· Saturday February 25, 8:30am -7:30pm Pacific
· Sunday February 26, 8:30am - 7:30pm Pacific

The ride must be open to all Players during judging hours. At least one member of the Expedition Party must be present in Base Camp or the ride cannot be judged; it is up to the Expedition Leader to coordinate coverage of the team's Base Camp."

Does anyone know if this coverage is required AFTER a room has been judged? From experience, I know it is easy to get members in a room the first few hours/days of an event. But by Sunday, interest will be flagging a bit due to the long hours of "room" sitting. I understand why you need the room covered BEFORE judging but, unless there is additional judging going on, I don't see why a room would have to be open continuously throughout the event. Has anyone asked Staff about this?



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I hope they don't require someone in the room because I mean, the gingerbread judging took QUITE a while and I'd hate for everyone to have to stop their lives and sit in their rooms for days and days lol
I would think (and hope) the "team member present" aspect wouldn't apply. VMK had many more players and contest entries than we do, so that might have been part of it, and they may have wanted easy access to the rooms via the guest rooms list, rather than looking up each individual room.

If it ever were to, I would hope the judging time windows would be quite a bit shorter than in VMK. 11 hours for 2 days straight, yikes...


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Why ask staff when they have not released their rules yet? I'm sure they are not going to require people to stay in their rooms, they didn't got the gingerbread/waterslide competitions. The original also had rules allowing up to 20 person teams/30 room-long rides, but i doubt they will do that for this competition. Best just to wait and see what they come out with in terms of rules.


As @PlayerOne said, these rules are from the old game. I doubt the MyVMK staff will use these rules to do judging. It's best to just wait it out until the newsletter is updated. c:


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I hope they make it rule that rides must be open during judging or they get DQ. It's a shame to see so many closed entries or friends only rooms .-.