Outfit Contest-Ends August 14th

Hi :dance2:This is a contest for all you outfit-enthusiast! :hat:
1. What you need to do is post a screen shot of your favorite in-game outfit (only 1 outfit).
Your outfit has to yours it can NOT be an outfit someone else has worn. You can draw inspiration, but you can't copy. It can't be extremely close either, by that I mean simply changing (adding or subtracting) a piece of clothing to make it different. This is so there will be no doublegangers in the thread. :clone:
By "Your outfit has to yours it can NOT be an outfit someone else has worn." I don't mean only from this thread, but in general. You can't copy some else's outfit someone has ever worn.

2. You can't wear a full outfit. What this means is that you cant wear the full Elsa's Winter Outfit (even if there is another piece of clothing with it like a cape). A full outfit means anything that was sold (or won) with the full hat,shirt, pants, shoes (give or take). So, a three piece outfit that was sold (or won) isn't acceptable. Any two piece outfit that was sold (or won) is acceptable to wear together example: Goofy Hat Winter and Goofy Sweater

3. Below are examples of what is acceptable and not. Green box is what is allowed and red is what isn't.
The prize will be 50k. I would love if people helped me vote if you are interested PM me. If you vote you can NOT participate in the contest. There will be no ties if there is they will go on to the next round and create another original outfit (and so forth). NO CLONE ACCOUNTS ALLOWED. Have fun! If there are any questions PM me :cloud9:
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I want to clarify the first rule when I say "Your outfit has to yours it can NOT be an outfit someone else has worn. " I don't just mean from this thread I mean in general you can't copy someone else's outfit someone has ever worn :clone:
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Idk why but this is and has been my go-to look for a really long time. As
Tan from QEFTSG would (probably) say, "we LOVE a good Dreams Shirt"! I think I like this look the best because it encompasses all of the facets of my personality. I really love lots of really bold color, like the seafoam green of the flip, and purple of the shirt. I also have a really tomboyish personality. When I was in middle school I used to wear band shirts and Chuck Taylor Allstars to school every day and then graduated to skinny jeans and vans in highschool :squee: so the flip and the tight leggings really allow me to express that, and then lastly, I'm a sucker for dragons. My favorite video game EVER is Skyrim, and Game of Thrones will always be my favorite TV show so it wasn't a question that I was going to keep those wings on every single day since they came out! :lol:
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I am absolutely in love with this banana hat -- it's simultaneously cute but also ridiculous. I'm also a huge fan of the Lilo skirt, which pairs well with most crop tops!

Once autumn hits I like to go for a more ~spooky~ look, but at the moment this is my favorite outfit for summer!


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This is my entry! Hope you like it!
upload_2019-7-23_11-43-17.png upload_2019-7-23_11-43-25.png <3