Over the Hedge

Based on the DreamWorks movie "Over the Hedge"
You, as an animal, has been awoken after hibernation. You realize your land has been taken over by what they'd call, "The Hedge". You are worried you won't be able to forage for food in this small glade and your survival in the forest is at stake. Over the hedge is where humans live and they have food. The only problem is, these humans DO NOT like animals. Which means, you must sneak over the hedge, steal as much food as possible and bring it back to the forest without being caught and caged by pest control.

4 players will enter, each sitting on a log. I will roll my generator. On my go, you will run across the hedge clicking the ride starter on top of the hedge in front of you. Quick run to your chair and roll the same number on my generator. Once you do, switch the meter next to your chair to green signaling to all the animals in the forest that you have successfully gotten the food. Then, click the teleport start on the grass in front of you to get back into the forest. The last one who doesn't make it into the forest in time has been caught! The winner survives all 3 rounds making it back safely into the forest.

Think you got what it takes? Let's find out! :)

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