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  1. Katharine

    Katharine Well-Known Member

    Sep 16, 2013
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    Hey everyone,

    I have been out and about for a few years now.. since the end of 2016, so I am looking for pins! I absolutely loved collecting pins years ago, so if you have any for trade please let me know by posting in this forum or sending me a private message.

    I appreciate your help and kindness <3
  2. brownie

    brownie Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2016
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    interested in any of these?
    50th Celebration Quest Pin
    Advent 2015 - Angel Kitty
    Advent 2015 - Kwanzaa
    Advent 2015 - Las Posadas
    B&TB - Beast Pin
    B&TB - Belle Pin
    B&TB - Chip Pin
    B&TB - Cogsworth Pin
    B&TB - Lumiere Pin
    B&TB - Mrs Potts Pin
    Blind Bag 5 - Couples
    Broken Mirror - Friday the 13th
    Canada Day 2017
    Candy Apple - Cheshire
    Candy Apple - Poison
    Candy Apple - Ursula
    Carousel Horse - Belle
    Carousel Horse - Cinderella
    Carousel Horse - Jasmine
    Chinese New Year - 2018 Little Brother
    Christmas Gifts - Eight Maids a Milking
    Christmas Gifts - Five Golden Rings
    Christmas Gifts - Partridge in a Pear Tree
    Christmas Gifts - Seven Swans a Swimming
    Christmas Gifts - Six Geese a Laying
    Christmas Gifts - Two Turtle Doves
    Cinco De Mayo 2017
    Classic Minnie Mouse Pin
    Coal Dust
    Coco - Dante
    Couples - Tarzan & Jane
    Cuties - Bambi
    Disney Bear - Duffy
    Disney Dates - Teacups
    Disney Travel Pin
    Earth Day 2017
    Easter 2017 Pin
    Easter Fools 2018 Pin
    Everest - (1/5)
    Everest - (4/5)
    Everest - (5/5)
    Fantasia 2000 Steadfast Tin Soldier Pin
    Fantasia Madame Upanova Pin
    Fantasia Mickey & Stokowski Pin
    Fantasyland Cuties - Alice
    Fantasyland Cuties - Belle
    Fantasyland Cuties - Pinocchio
    Father's Day - 2015
    Fathers Day 2015
    Finding Dory - Nemo (1/6)
    Finding Dory Pin
    Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage - (3/5)
    Fourth of July - 2017
    Friend Like Me
    Gummi Bears
    Halloween 2016 - Thackery Binx
    Halloween 2017
    Halloween Seance Circle - Leota
    Happy Go Lucky Pin
    Hawaiian Surfboard Pin
    Hearts For Las Vegas Pin
    Hearts for Houston
    HEROES - Captain America
    Heroine - Mulan
    Hotel III - DLP Disneyland Hotel
    Hotel III - DLP Hotel New York
    Hotel III - HKDL Hotel Pin 2
    IASW Holiday - Cinderella
    Inside Up Badge
    Let's Roll
    Lightsaber - Blue Left Tip
    Lightsaber - Blue Right Tip
    Lightsaber - Red Left Tip
    Lightsaber - Red Right Tip
    Lightsaber - Red Tip
    Lonesome Ghost
    Lump of Coal
    Magic - Mr. Toad's Car
    Magic Mirror - Red Apple
    Mary Poppins Anniversary Pin
    Mickey Filigree
    Mickey Mouse Club Pin
    Mickey Rose White
    Mood Mickey Pin - Sad
    MyVMK Bowl Winner 2017
    Name Tags - Disneyland Hong Kong
    Name Tags - Disneyland Paris
    Name Tags - Disneyland Shanghai
    Name Tags - Disneyland Tokyo
    National Grandparents Day 2017
    National Popcorn Day 2018 Pin
    New Years 2018
    Ornament Locket - Blue
    Ornament Locket - Orange
    Ornament Locket - Purple
    Ornament Locket - Red
    Parie Marie
    Pixar Fest 2018
    Pixar Sketch - Arlo
    Pixar Sketch - Dot
    Pixar Sketch - Dug
    Pixar Sketch - Mike
    Pixar Sketch - Nemo
    Presidents Day 2018 Pin
    Princess of Mardi Gras Pin
    Rescue Rangers Pin
    Ride Pin - Mr. Toads Wild Ride
    Ride Pin - Peter Pans Flight
    Ride Pin - Winnie the Pooh
    Room Pin - Pirate Cannon
    Room Pin - Refreshment Corner
    Room Pin - Space Mountain
    Room Pin - Splash Mountain Bayou
    Room Pin - Tron
    SR - Crumbelina
    SR - Gloyd
    Small World Animals - Giraffe
    Small World Animals - Moose
    Small World Animals - Penguin
    Snowman Mickey
    Spooky - Daisy
    Spooky - Donald
    Spooky - Goofy
    Spooky - Minnie
    Spooky - Pluto
    Stained Glass Window - Anna
    Stained Glass Window - Aurora
    Stained Glass Window - Belle
    Stained Glass Window - Cinderella
    Stained Glass Window - Jasmine
    Star Wars - Jabba Pin
    Star Wars Quest 1 Logo Pin
    Star Wars Symbols - Galactic Republic
    Star Wars Symbols - Jedi Order
    Star Wars Symbols - Mandalorian
    Star Wars Symbols - Rebel Alliance
    Star Wars Symbols - Separtists
    Star Wars Vader Pin
    Steamboat Willie Pin
    Stocking - Copper
    Stocking - Dumbo
    Stocking - Elliot
    Stocking - Tod
    Storybook - Cinderella
    Superbowl 2017 Pin
    TV Logos - Disney Junior
    TV Logos - Disney XD
    TV Logos - Playhouse Disney
    TV Logos - Toon Disney
    Tale As Old As Time Pin
    Tale Spin Logo Pin
    Team Angry Donald's
    Team Fabulous Daisy's
    Thanksgiving 2017
    The Lucky Rabbit
    Trick -or-Treat - Huey
    Tsum Tsum - Easter Mickey
    Tsum Tsum - Easter Minnie
    Tsum Tsum - Gurgi
    Tsum Tsum - Han Solo
    Tsum Tsum - Heihei
    Tsum Tsum - Hercules
    Tsum Tsum - Judy Hopps
    Tsum Tsum - Miss Bunny
    Tsum Tsum - Rey
    Tsum Tsum - Storm Trooper
    Tsum Tsum - Thumper
    Tsum Tsum - White Rabbit
    Tsum Tsum Mansion - Minnie
    Up - Dug Pin
    VMK Football - 2015
    VMK Football - 2016
    Valentine's Day Pin 2017
    Valentine's Eeyore Pin
    Valentine's Pongo & Perdita Pin
    Valentines Day 2018
    Veterans Day 2017
    Vote Pluto Pin
    We Stand With Florida
    Winter Dreams - Crate Key
    Wreath - Minnie
    Wreath - Wayne and Lanny
    Yoda Pin
    item.6513 (Pinocchio and Geppetto Dancing)
    item.6645 (Hearts For Puerto Rico)
  3. Katharine

    Katharine Well-Known Member

    Sep 16, 2013
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    You have so many pins, honestly at least 75% of this list I am interested in. If you have time to meet up with me sometime today to discuss and trade let me know! I'm not sure what the value is per pin, but I would absolutely purchase in bulk so maybe we would be able to cut a deal. I also have pins I could trade you from a long time ago, maybe you would be interested in that as well. Let me know!
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