Pirates of the Carribean


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Well, POTC is now completely playable in the new client. A couple of dialog boxes are missing as well as a couple of issues with the umm lobby room, but other than that you can play perfectly fine! Performance is good, tested on as low as an iPhone 5C without any problems.

Tablet mode is good, you get a couple of extra buttons (one on the top left, one on the top right) which let you shoot, maybe I'll add something like tap with two fingers to shoot at some point.

Looking to test on my old Nexus 7 2012, but due to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi issues (yeah seriously, of all things lol, i think it's congested) I haven't been able to yet.

Some pictures:

Actually this picture made me realise something i need to fix, chat bubbles don't auto scroll lol I just got used to that.

Here's a fun blooper from early in development:

Got any suggestions or questions? go ahead and post here!


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Shiver me timbers, exciting this is!

Will all features from the original game be included such as the ability to switch sides, add AI ships, face Kraken attacks for not moving, go into overtime with gold ammo, etc.?

Thanks for your hard work!