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I would like a GIF signature!
This is my in-game name: impossible
This is the movie I want the GIF to be from: Aristocats (Just Marie)
This is the scene from the movie I want the GIF to be of: Marie playing the keyboard
These are the exact words I would like on my GIF: "Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them!"
This is the way I'd like the words to appear (I chose from the signature examples): You choose!
This is the color I want the words to be outlined with: Light Pink
This is the color I want the words to be filled in with: White
Thank you!
This is the image address so you can copy + paste it from there (the GIFs are doing weird and not staying here for very long). Here's where I copy + pasted it straight from where I made it:

Sorry if it doesn't show up, and sorry if it isn't the right scene! I haven't seen the Aristocats so I just guessed it was when the gray cat was playing piano and Marie was singing to it, but if it's a different scene you were wanting I can change that! :)


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My in game name: WolverineLogan
Movie: X-men origins: Wolverine
Scene: Wolverine coming out of the water from alkali lake
What I want it to say: I'm the very best at what I do, Bub
Signature: You choose
Outline color: Blue
Fill in color: Yellow

Here's your signature! Unfortunately I haven't seen the movie (I'm working through the series and haven't gotten there yet) but I tried my best to find the right scene. Please lmk if there's a different scene you were thinking of and if the words and everything look good! I've been charging 3k per signature, so just lmk when we can meet! Also, I won't charge again if you want me to remake it, I want the sig to be just how you want it :)
Here's a link to it, hopefully it'll work for you. Below the link, I have where I copy + pasted the gif, but that probably won't stay long. Lmk if you're not able to see it or if the link doesn't work. Thanks again!
@WolverineLogan- can we find a time when we're both online? Because I think the images expire and go away after a certain amount of time, so I need to post it when you can see it right away. So sorry!
Oh.... I'm only on from 6 am to 9 am now because of theatre..... So...... If you can work that... Yes?
Oof... I don't think that will work for me. Is there any other possible time you could hop on?