Pokemon GO

Everytime I go to my playstore it says it isn't available in your country. Do you need to do something special to download it?
Well it's only available in certain countries such as Australia, U.S., and Asia. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

They're still working with Europe.
yea, I'm in the U.S. and I know a bunch of my friends have it and my play stores region is U.S. I'm just confused why it says its not available in my country. lol
I just downloaded it last night... unfortunately I'm always carrying a baby around so I can't walk around and catch 'em all... LOL


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Got it last night, already at level 5 lol
Closest pokestop is like 100 yards from my house, then theres two more within a mile, but only one gym. Everything else is across a main road and more than a mile away
Caught an XL Bulbasaur, eevee, an angry weedle, belsprout, and that Doduo (I know the name it's just been so long!).

My pokestop is 200 meters away from where I live. So I can swing by there when I feel like it.
For anyone that plays ingress:

Anywhere a ingress portal is, the pokestop is in the same place. I love ingress so I'm going to have to go out and do two games at once XD


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ugh screams. I love this but att he same time i don't want to be alone walking outside and no one wants to go on a walk with me :c
story of my life