Post a Picture of Yourself. Again

Hihi. Here's 2 photos of me - One without makeup and one with c:


Here are some pics of me:

This first one was taken at the most recent bridal shower I went to. I'm on the right, and on the left is a wonderful family friend's daughter's college roommate (she had two of them).

Me with a family friend's daughter and her hubby. This was taken at their wedding and I'm in the middle.

Me with the other roommate that our family friend's daughter had. She as well as the gal in the top pic were her bridesmaids

Me with a wonderful family friend's daughter's college roommate (one of two, she is in the first pic). This was taken at a party and this was right after we reunited for the first time in two years. Neither of us knew we were coming to this party earlier this summer so we both surprised each other. Once again, I'm on the right

Same pic as above, but in our family friend's backyard. As you can see, my friend (on the left) and I are practically matching with our outfits. Her jacket and my pants are similar while my shirt and her dress are both striped (just like my character)
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One of my best friends in real has a relative that's a professional photographer and she got some great pics of me and my friend on the beach. They were taken just for fun and to remember our trip to the beach in 2016. My friend's family rented a beach house for 3 summers in a row and I was blessed to be able to go. We had a blast!


Me with an awesome friend that I got to see this past summer. I met her through a family friend's daughter because the girls (along with another one of their friends) were roommates in college. This was taken shortly after I turned 23 (I had turned 23 three days prior) and we both surprised each other not only at this gathering but also at this wedding we went to also this summer. I'm on the right
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