Has it ever been an idea for games to have Computer Players? Primarily, I am thinking of Haunted Mansion. This is the one game where it requires two players, but usually there is no one there to play and not many people online in general. Is this something that may be possible in the future? Could you play HM alone just yourself and your goal was to capture all the pink ghosts and just limit the amount of green ghosts are roaming. Or incorporate "Computer Players" who you operate the green team if you are pink. I would have a similar idea for POTC if it was ever needed, but POTC typically always has people there playing.

HM is personally my favorite of the two games, contrary to popular opinions!! lol I just love it, very nostalgic for me as a 2000's VMK player.

XO Queen Hayls
Not sure if the people who make the game would be able to work on this upgrade/idea, as I know they are always actively improving the game and adding rooms/worlds!!!

Appreciate you guys so much for bringing VMK back to us :)