Project Summer Event

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Are you ready to get in the summer spirit?

Create a Disney Summer themed art project and send it in! This will not be limited to one medium. You can send us in paintings, photographs, drawings, or any other art project you feel inspired to create! However, for this event we will not be accepting digital art. We also ask that you create the item yourself and keep it Disney Summer themed! Please include the hashtags #ProjectSummer and #MyVMK somewhere in the photo in your handwriting.

Please keep your submissions respectful towards others and do not include any vulgarities or inappropriate content as this will result in a disqualification from the event. Admissions that show minimal effort (example: stick figures) will also be disqualified.

The game rules are to be followed.

Each and every participant will receive a special prize for getting involved! Please note, this is not a competition. Everyone’s a winner! Have fun and show us your most creative Disney Summer art!

Submit your pictures by replying to our post on twitter with the hashtag #ProjectSummer and #MyVMK to enter. If your account is set to private please direct message us your submission as private accounts will not show up under this tweet for us to see. Once we have received your submission we will like your post or respond if you DM’d it!

This event will end on June 25th at 11:59 PM EST.

If you would like a confirmation that we have received your submission you can reach PROM_Oogie or PROMO_Anna via discord.

PROMO_Oogie #9688 and PROMO_Anna #1798

By submitting your work to us, you are agreeing to let us post it on our social media accounts to use as promotion (you will be credited of course). If you have a problem with this please reach out to us via discord or a twitter direct message and we will make sure not to post it elsewhere.
Not open for further replies.