Not yet fixed Quest (Autopia Road Trip Around VMK) Glitched?


Hey there everyone!
This is my first time on in quite some time, I wanted to do the EPCOT quests...but I found an issue. Hitting my "Q" button opens "Autopia Road Trip Around VMK (Med-Hard) (29/29). Which you have to get 4500 points in Castle Fireworks.
Okay, so I jump into fireworks, get over the required points... no quest progression...
Okay, so I will quit the quest (I have already beaten it before.) *click* nothing.
I can't finish the quest or quit it...
Also...It says this quest has been going to 4,900 hours...I know I've been gone a while, but that's CRAZY!



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probably your best bet is to send a cfh ( call for help) using the button on the lower right of the myvmk screen in game and explaining the issue.
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