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MyVMK Staff
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MyVMK Staff

Woah guys I never knew you guys loved quests so much!!
I am so grateful to have received over 60 submissions! Now is time to announce the Top 10 Quest Makers!
The community will read the description of the quests and you will decide which top 3 will have the honor to have publish + their awards of choise to do them in a pop-up style throughout April.
Voting Ends on March 31st at 11:59pm! I will announce the winners in the following days.

Each Top 10 Quest Maker will display the name of their quest,
the description and I will add a quick sentence of what the prizes entail

Voting Rules:
- do not vote more than once, im talking about clones we will check
- do not promote by any means your quest, if you do so you will be disqualified
-do not be rude or mean throughout the process, you all did amazing and we shouldn't devalue the ones that placed top 10

The Top 10 Quest Makers:

Agent P and the Glitch-Inator!

Agent P needs your help!

O.W.C.A. (The Organization Without a Cool Acronym) has just received word that Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz has invaded myVMK and is about to unveil his newest creation, the Glitch-Inator, designed to wipe out any virtual worlds- including myVMK!

With this situation growing by the second, O.W.C.A is in dire need of some recruits to help destroy the Glitch-Inator before it take over myVMK. So what do you say - are you ready to take on the challenge?

Minigame Requirements: 2,000 FW
Prizes: The bundle will include a misc item & a hat referring to Perry the Platypus

Shift in the Cypher

Challenge your mind with this fun quest based on the Caesar Cipher. Become that spy you always wanted to be and create your own decoder wheel and solve riddles to make it to the finish line. Think you can handle it? Mini Game Requirements 100 in POTC: Ship Battle and 1000 in Castle Fireworks.

Minigame Requirements:
POTC: 100
Fireworks: 1000
Prizes: The bundle will include a hat and pins referring to Mickey Mouse

International Flower and Garden Quest

Spring is in the air! This quest will explore the vibrant history of the annual International Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT

Minigame Requirements: None

Prizes: The bundle will include a clothing item & misc item referring to the festival

The Trial of the Sword in the Stone

You are chosen to put your courage, knowledge, and strength to the difficult test of pulling out the legendary sword out of the stone in Fantasyland Courtyard. You will embark on the three journeys this kingdom has to offer to earn magical pins to offer to the stone, but be warned that this isn't your typical ride in the park. Will you prove yourself an honorable ruler or be met with clouds of ashes?

Minigame Requirements: None

Prizes: The bundle will include a misc item & a pin referring to Sword In The Stone

Magic Happens Parade

Let’s Celebrate the return of The Magic Happens Parade to the Disneyland Resort! We will take a magical adventure down the parade route as we commemorate the Spectacular Features of the Magic Happens Parade!

Minigame Requirements:
Jungle Cruise: 25000

Prizes: The bundle will include a clothing item, misc item & a pin referring to Sorcerer Mickey

The Adventure of Pooh's Lost Honey!

Oh bother, it seems Pooh has lost his most favorite honey pot while mindlessly wandering around the virtual kingdom. The only problem is, is that he can't quite remember which room he left it in! (Players will use the white and green circle that pops up under the mouse cursor to count the steps pooh took in each room and name the object that they walk to/find at the end of their steps).

Minigame Requirements: None

Prizes: The bundle will include clothing items & pin item referring to Pooh's Friends

Celebrate Mothers Everywhere

A tribute to all Mothers for mothers Day.

Minigame Requirements: None

Prizes: A Mother's Day pin referring to a Disney Mother

Easter Trivia

This quest will go over some brief easter trivia.

Minigame Requirements: None

Prizes: The bundle will include a pin, clothing item and misc item referring to Easter

Welcome to Pixie Hollow!

Welcome new fairy! In this Quest you will assist the fairies of Pixie Hollow in preparation for the changing of the season!

Minigame Requirements:
Fireworks: 3500

Prizes: The bundle will include a pin, a hat and misc item referring to Pixie Hollow

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth Quest

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth ran for 20 years at EPCOT, making it a beloved classic with its outstanding technology and story of community. Tonight, IllumiNations is returning for a one-night only show in MyVMK's EPCOT! Let's gather around the fire once more for one of the most famous nighttime shows. This quest will require 4000 points in Castle Fireworks Remixed, along with knowledge of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth and a readiness for some fun!

Minigame Requirements:
Fireworks: 4000

Prizes: The bundle will include a pin, a hat and a clothing item referring to IllumiNations