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I haven't posted rooms on the forums in a long time but I just wanted to show some of the rooms I've made in the past year! They're all in order from when I built them, from oldest to most recent. I added a bit of explanations and other commentary of the rooms, if you guys care to read them. :D I hope you guys enjoy the rooms!

This room was the first room I made after taking a year long break from the game. I wasn't expecting to come back but I felt inspired to make a room and this was the product. It's very basic compared to most of my rooms but I was rusty and needed to practice. It was also a Best Guest Room winner!

This room was definitely just a room I wanted to mess around with--at the time I really wanted to make a time travel ride which never came to fruition. It brings back a lot of my old building style and while it was simple, I was proud of even trying something different in the Jasmine Balcony Guest Room. That room is impossible to build in I swear. It was a fun room to make, although very simple. And no, it's not a reference to Rocky Horror, that was honestly just a coincidence.

Now this room I was extremely proud of when I made it. This was the first time I ever really experimented with configuring below the base level and tried to do some really cool things with it. What really set this apart from the first two rooms was the fact that the two story effect is all an illusion, since the whole room is actually just the flat floor.

I wasn't the most proud of this room when I made it, but I was still pretty happy with how it turned out. While it looks simpler than other rooms I've made it was definitely not easy. This room is HARD to build in and I really tried my best. It turned out decent.

Kiki's Humble Abode

Koriko, Island of the Sunset

Stuck the Landing

Osono's Surf Shack

Broomstick Breakdown

Just a Light Breeze

"It's a quiet night..."

This ride is my proudest work. When the theme was announced I just really wanted to make a Kiki's Delivery Service themed ride and thought I could make my own little story of Kiki having a summer vacation to fit the tropical theme. I was a huge dictator (sorry you guys :() for my team and I oversaw the construction of every room, sketched out room layouts for some of the more difficult rooms, and made sure to tell them everywhere each item needed to be placed and what to configure it at. Thank you Neocissa, MagicAvinash, MagicIshaan, and Matty because this ride would've never been completed without you guys. Thankfully, our hard work was rewarded with Best Overall Grand Prize!

One of my favorites, I was very proud of this room when I finished it. I made it as an entry for the Halloween 2019 competition as I really wanted to try to do something very unique for the theme. The courtroom was more or less very loosely based off of the game Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, which is a crossover of pretty much two of my favorite game series. It ended up getting #1 in the top 10 rooms that won!

Toot or Boot is basically just a glorified Cute or Boot that was originally made in the Anniversary Room before I made it into an actual room. What makes it a little different is the use of curtains to hide outfits, which adds to the suspense and drama of revealing each outfit, also so no one gets a leg up on anyone who finished their outfits first. I like to host this game with a more game show host vibe and while it's only 4 players, it lasts longer because of the fun I have in pretending to be a game show host.

This is one of my crazier rooms and the last room I've built, which was in December 2019. This was probably one of the more frustrating rooms to build because of the sheer configure nightmare I went through making it. Unsurprisingly, the green metal railings on the platform were the hardest to get right, because if you don't know anything about the Zootopia Stoplights...they're one of the most confusing items in terms of its placeable size. This room is an onslaught on the eyes and even though it's messy, I love it and was very proud of it.
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I’ve said it before. I’ll say is again. You are a genius. Thank you for sharing. You know I love your rooms! ❤️
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