Random Acts of Kindness!

Hi everyone!

To spread more love throughout the community, we will be featuring a new section on the newsletter titled "Random Acts of Kindness!"

We will be on the look out for people lending a helping hand, and just showing that they care. ♥

If you would like to share your kindness encounter, feel free to post your experience here!

While it's not necessary to share your story to be noticed, it's always a good read!

Nominate a friend who you think deserves it!

At the end of each month we will be randomly selecting at least 1 person to have their face and story posted on the newsletter along with a special surprise.

Pay it forward!

Nala :halcyon::paw:
i nominate rockstar olivia!
I would like to nominate Billymaze. He has done a huge lump sum in the community that not many people in game does. He would make numerous games for us to play from small prizes to big prizes. He would spent a long time making these rooms for us to enjoy myvmk even more, even if it take the whole day or few days that he spends making his room. His games brings out the community more and how everyone will bond together as a team to win or solo to exceed his game and the anticipation of winning or loosing. He would always try his part to make his games for everyone to enjoy and everyone who plays the game will slowly bond more and more making new friends within his games. Thats what I would say myvmk should be about. Without billymaze there wouldnt be fun games to play beside minigames or host events. He would always bring so much creativity within the game and bring people's creativity and thinking cap on when you are with Billy. That is why I nominate him. If you ever see Billymaze he is the most friendliest guy you would ever meet. He would even help give you tips or how something was build in his game and always got his friends back. He would never try to start fights but instead just try to make everything good by talking with his friends or hosting his famous games when everyone is bored and nothing else to do on myvmk.


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I second BillyMaze. He makes awesome games rooms, hosts very fairly and professionally, and is extremely generous with prizes to both players of his games and those in the audience. On top of that, he just seems genuinely nice. I can't recall him ever being involved in anything that wasn't a positive reflection on himself and on MyVMK.
I second BillyMaze's nomination. Those game rooms are so much fun and he makes you feel welcome in his rooms. Whether you're in the audience or playing in the games, he always make you feel like you're playing. His prizes are over the top too.
I 1000% nominate Coasters. He has generously donated to help others get items that they wanted but cost a lot. He personally donated 30k to me when i was trying hard to save up for a Halloween hat I really wanted. I have since seen him do the same for others! <3


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I nominate TheIdolMara. He has always, ALWAYS treated everyone fairly and nicely. He's become one of my closest friends and I feel like I can come to him when I'm having a bad day, and he will cheer me up almost instantly. He's always so generous, and has even helped me out when I didn't have any credits to buy some newly released items. He is such a sweet soul, and he deserves to be recognized for his kindness <3
I think everyone will second me when I nominate Elnora for the Kindness Heart Award. She has always been so welcoming and nice and never expects anything in return. She's always there to listen to you and she has never once been even rumored to be mean because I honestly think she doesn't have the ability to be mean. LOL. She is everyone's friend even before you meet her.


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I would like to nominate @Mickeyspop - he gave me the nicest surprise this morning, by not only remembering that I was looking for a Haunted Mansion Holiday Conservatory room (and he'd have no way of knowing this, but that room is very special to me, because it's where I hung out with all my friends in old VMK) - and gifted me one. I just couldn't believe it -- I was so happy. Thanks, Mickeyspop, you are the best!
I'm nominating @Loki because she is always there and is friends with everyone. Whenever you're in an in room game, she is always cheering you on and is very supportive to the players in whichever game you're playing. The games she hosts are also really fun and if you get out, she encourages you to choose a theme and/or sit with her