Random Acts of Kindness!

I am nominating @TaylorDanielle because she is an amazing person. Like the rest of the goobs, she is always planning fun things for not only the goobs but for everyone. If it weren't for her, I would have been running around trying to choose something to wear on the day of my Jonas Brothers concert instead of being excited that the day was here. She is always there whenever anyone needs her too.


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I'd like to nominate KingoftheNorth (don't know his forums name).
He's very kind to everyone, supports people's ideas and creations, and gave me credits for free! He wouldn't accept anything in return, even though I offered things. I think he definitely deserves this award for his outstanding friendliness and generosity.
I would like to nominate Colleeniebeanie (in game name). She became my first vmk friend and ALWAYS says hello if we happen to be on the Peter Pan Ride at the same time. She RANDOMLY requested to trade and gave me 50k to start me off my vmk journey. I am still in awe. Much love to Colleen <3