Random Acts of Kindness!


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@dsnyFreak ((hugs)) <3

I nominate @Lizzian also just for doing up that fish list alone! Not only does it have pretty pictures but she's got the rarity too! That's on top of her just being an all around sweetheart to everyone!
I would've never been able to finish it without everyone's help! I was glad to help everyone see them but thank you so much!! <3


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i second the nomination for @WolverineLogan
hes such a kind hearted person, and hes a great friend, hes one of my best friends, he is great to have a round, and i would not want no better person in my life then this gem, our love for musicals is truly amazing. i absolutely adore you! i love you to pieces, and no matter what i will always have your back through thick and thin <3
and hes always willing to help out any new person or people that join the vmk world.
I'd like to nominate BleuJay (unsure of forum name). She and I have been working hard for the chests this month, but I never have luck. When she pulled a second rare item, she gave it to me for free, reasoning that I had worked just as hard. Beyond that personal instance, she is always kind to EVERYONE she meets. If BleuJay walks into a room, everyone's questions will be answered and their days will be improved. Whenever I've been having a rough day, her optimism and sense of humor pick me back up. She is honestly the pinnacle of a MyVMK guest!
I nominate porg for the myvmk kindness award. She was selling clothing, furni, etc. and I was interested in a specific hat she had for sale that i've been wanting so bad. I didn't have enough credits for the original price she told me, I asked if she could save it for me and I'd buy it in a few days when I have enough credits. Well instead, she told me she'd sell it to me right then for only 10k! (Which is significantly less than what it was originally priced at). I tried to give her 25, 20, 15 but she refused my offers and would only sell it for 10k because she wanted me to have it and didn't want me "slaving over mini-games" all weekend or going broke. It was such a generous act of kindness and I am definitely going to pay it forward! <3
I nominate @Alextp! He went out of his way to share all kinds of advice about the game knowing that I'm a bit new. He let me know item values so that I would not overpay and took it upon himself to help me get items I was looking for without asking anything in return. He also introduced me to his friends to make me feel included (: I've witnessed him do the same for other new players and I feel he deserves recognition for it. Same with Sparklepower (unsure of forum name) They're great folk
I second the nomination to @Alextp! He has been such an incredible friend to me since we met and I can agree with everything that Alyssius has said. If Alex sees a new person in the game, he always helps get them the items they want, some credits to start, and gives them as much advice as possible. I have firsthand seen Alex get at least 10 new players up and running in the game and it fills my heart to see someone giving their own hard earned items up. Alex is also the friend who will loan you credits when you're in need, but never asks for you to pay him back. He definitely deserves the kindness award!
Player: Hippy.
Knee & I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Couldn't have a celebration in real life due to given situation. Hippy. surprised us during the day, and officiated us renewing our vows @ Fantasyland In the Sky. Then she was the first guest to arrive at our nighttime celebration. She got many players and staff to join. It was a magical night, and we owe it all to Hippy.. Thank yo so much my friend. <3