Reach record numbers, before a Staff Member posts!

Here's how this forum game works:

I will start with the number 1, the next person posts "2", then "3", and so on.
Goal is to reach record numbers! If a Mod/Staff/Host posts on this thread, then we have to start all over again with the number 1.
Every player who posts will post the next number, if two people accidentally post the same number, the double is counted as the next number.
Example: Mickey posts 205,
Minnie posts 206,
Mickey posts 207,
Donald posts 207,
Minnie would then post 209.

Should someone forget to add a number, or posts the wrong number, it still counts as the correct, next number.

You may not post immediately after yourself simply to add another number. The number only increases if someone else posts after you.

If a Staff Member posts anything on the thread, even if it's the next number, the next person starts with the number 1.

To be counted as a record, I will count each post and confirm the final number before updating this post with the new record. If any posts/numbers were deleted, then that number of posts would be subtracted from the record number.
Good luck! We can do it!

Current Record Number Is: 475! (on post #2211)
Record Number since then: 418! (on post #9172)

Here goes:

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eloquent elephant


eloquent elephant