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Game of Gainz
So I haven't played this game in a long time and I have some items I would like to know if they're rare or not.
Tea Cup Green
Well Chair
Explorers Suitcase
Pink Tee Pee
Orange Saucer Chair
Stitch Hat Ornament
Yellow Toy Soldier
Crows Nest Bar Stool
Animation Viewer

Haunted Mansion Room Pin
Monsters Inc Laugh Floor
Pirate Cannon
Everest Room Pin
The Full Tomorrow Land Pin Set
VMK Football 2015
DLR Cheyenne Hotel
DLR Paradise Pier
WDW Polynesian
WDW Pop Century
Club 33 Pin

Blizzard Beach Room Pin
Black Flip Hat
Green Flip Hat
Full Sparrow
Bird Hat
Green Flips

Credits: 767,303

I have more items but I don't think they're worth much
Hi! Welcome back :)

Black Flip Hat around 2 mil
Green Flip Hat 800k ish
Full Sparrow Og was going for 1 mil for a while but on discord i see people for 500-600k ( crates made everyone broke)
Bird Hat OG 50-100k
Green Flips 800-900k

Haunted mansion room pin 30-50k
monsters inc room pin 30k ish
blizzard beach room around 50k ish
everest room pin 20-25k
Club 33 pin 10-25k

These are your rarer items.
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