reusable face masks


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hey peeps, hope ur all safe and sound. <3

u can laugh, but i'm looking for (preferably fashionable) face mask suggestions lol. all the ones i've bought just don't fit well and sadly i'm not talented enough or have the time to make my own haha. i've only tried the "pleated" rectangular-shaped surgical mask kind so far and i'm open to other styles!! obvs the cheaper the better but i'm willing to spend more money at this point if i have to.

ty in advance!


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Steve Madden makes masks that are $15 per and they look like good quality. Someone that I know wears them all the time and likes them.


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I've bought several from DIOP, a small, black-owned business in Detroit, that donates from the proceeds to those less fortunate in their city. And they're good masks, very cool-looking.