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Honestly there are several reasons why bringing it back could be a really good idea
- more activity
- people knowing whats going on
- funny memes
- more interaction with forum leaders
- games
-more involvement

This is also a way to involve people who can't necessarily play the game or can't get on the server. It's a way for them to connect with friends and whatnot.

Do you think it should come back? What would have to be different or remain the same?
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Yeah I would like it to be back it was cool to get on my computer in the morning and say hi to the people in the chat. I remember liking the chat :3, but the reason why I think it might of been removed was because there were a lot of trolls and spam in the shout box. Hopefully if there are no trolls and spam from before might stay up. I would still like there to be a shout box again c:

(Edited it it didn't make sense when I read my comment) XD
There were situations on the shoutbox in which several arguments were started, so no.
the same happens in game tho
I don't remember seeing any really serious arguments unless it had to do with how staff was handling something.
The shoutbox was really used to connect with people while we were waiting during event lines, or figuring out when/where a host appeared during the Dreams events.
Again, I know as a newbie my opinion may seem off but it seems kinda dead at times on here. It'd be good to chat with people who are active about the game and keeping the community fresh.

Edit: Would love to hear an admin or mod's viewpoint on this.
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It's boring as heck here. We need a little chaos. It's too cold and dead. Tbh I just log in once in a while to check and see if they brought it back yet or not. I quit being a real member of this community because people quit truly interacting.