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although a lot of people caused* the loss of this privilege, it's how a lot of us became acquainted with one another back on ovmk. i made a lot of friends from the shoutbox interactions i had back on ovmk, interactions that i wouldn't have had in-game. i think it's something the staff should revisit again especially since the shoutbox can stimulate activity and interest in the game where people were mostly fixated on the social aspect of the forums. a solution to the shoutbox can be hiring shoutbox moderators with limited permissions or giving positive reinforcement to those who actively report those who act up.
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I'm all for the shoutbox returning! I used to be entertained and loved talking to friends right then and there when I needed too.
We've bounced around a few ideas (such as it only being open when a moderator is on)
If it came down to this I think it would be a great start. We've changed since three years ago. The community is much different now. Start with this, see how well we fare. If it works and you see we can be civil about it then maybe implement it fully. If not,there are no losses. :idea:
Man. Get us a shoutbox stat. In this age... Everyone is social media oriented and they like direct communication where they don't have to wait for a response (like when you comment on profiles) and it would be really easy to get mods. Tbh, with how few people are still around... It would not be hard at all and might encourage more people to return to the forums.


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There's hardly anyone on, IDK if we would really have that much of a problem with people abusing it - and if we did, it would be pretty easy to report people and follow through with those reports.

I played VMK Classic and the community in the park was the best part of the experience. Now, I'm having a great time in game myself but am finding it somewhat difficult to connect to people (especially in my time zone)...

So I second all the other votes.... bring back the shoutbox please?


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If you have the Tapatalk app there is a MyVMK Chatroom so i think that's the closest thing we have for now. it's a shared chat for the entire forum but it needs more regular members! It's to the right of the search icon