Ride-a-thon FAQs

Ride-a-thon FAQs

Hello everyone! After receiving a lot of questions regarding our “Ride-a-thon” host events, we have decided to compile some of the most common questions and answers here. If there are any additional questions about this event, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we may add them here!

1. What is a “Ride-a-thon”?
It’s an hour-long host event that we run every few days that allows players to earn “points” every time they get to the end of the ride!

2. What are “points” and how do I earn/spend them?
Points are a currency that can only be used in the gift shop located at the end of the ride. You earn one point by making it all the way to the end of the ride! To access the points store, you need to double-click on the cash register placed in the gift shop.

3. How often will the Ride-a-thon theme and items listed in the gift shop change?
Typically, when the theme of the Ride-a-thon changes, the items available in the gift shop will also change.

4. Will my points carry over to the next Ride-a-thon?
Yes! If you’d like to save up your points for the next set of prizes, you are welcome to do so.

5. I missed the final Ride-a-thon event. Will there be an opportunity to use my points in the gift shop before the next Ride-a-thon theme is released?
Yes! After the final Ride-a-thon, we will leave the gift shop open for about 24 hours someday during the week so players will have a chance to use their points! We will make announcements on our social media channels when the shop is open.

6. Am I allowed to ride on more than one account at the same time?
No. If you ride on multiple accounts simultaneously, it is considered an unfair advantage and you will receive a message from our moderation team.

7. Can I transfer points from one account to another?
Unfortunately, points must be spent on the account they were acquired on and cannot be transferred.

8. Someone got stuck on the ride! What do I do?
Send a CFH as quickly as possible and a staff member will come to reload whoever is stuck!
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