Rio 2016 Olympics

Anybody getting excited for the Olympics? If so, what are you looking forward to? Also, who do you hope win medals? I'm hoping the USA women's soccer team wins a medal. I am also looking forward to the Japanese segment during the closing ceremony because I'm 1/4 Japanese
I some how always forget when an Olympics is. I think I only saw the Olympics once in 2008, but I hope USA wins c: I saw some videos about some of the USA teams :D
I love watching swimming, but I'm kinda bummed that Michael Phelps is back on the team. I am also a fan of the gymnastics team. Like, HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR BODY DO THAT?!?! It's a good day if I can touch my toes without bending my knees. :look:
meeeeee! :) I love watching the Olympics, both summer and winter games. Summer games I like to watch gymnastics, track and field mostly but I will watch it all !
we have spanish tv bc my mom want to cut down our money now the channel that i only watch now is Nick, Disney channel, (USA network for WWE) and mlb networks...

now i can't watch the soccer games bc it's on NBC sports network which i don't have :( so you cloud can rip me for watching summer olympics lol
(and no, we not speak spainsh)
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Tbh I am so pumped for this years Olympics. I always watch Swimming, Water polo, Volleyball and Soccer, but I'm super excited that Golf is making a return. I seriously hope that my two favorite athletes, Ricky Fowler and Bubba Watson take home gold for USA.