RIP (Reality: Internet Problems)

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Thought I might as well post me taking a break, due to moving to a new place about a week ago I've been having issues getting the good same quality internet as my old residence. Mainly cause my internet provider told me that my new place is out of their area of service? So yeah I'm using "free" wifi and the quality is spotty. Works fine for my phone and my ps4 but when it comes to my laptop/comp it's a coin toss every time. As well as with the new server change I don't think it's helping me at all. Before anyone tries to help I've tried all the "fixes" said in the threads but none of it works for me. The best I get is trying that boolean thing in firefox where I was online for a grand total of one minute before going back into a dc loop. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled both pal and firefox and nothing. So yeah, taking a break from myvmk and going to focus on a few things like life or trying to get good internet again so I can have no life one again.
Aw, hopefully you can come back whenever. Have you tried Ccleaner ( makes myvmk run fast, idk if it'd help or not just throwing it out there) wabbit
Internet problems are literally the worst!
It sounds like it's more of a computer problem than it is an internet problem. Seems weird that your PS4 and Phone work perfectly. Maybe try running a virus scan. May or may not be the culprit?
Hope you can come back soon.
It looks like myvmkpal finally decided to work for me, internet is still meh quality tho
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