River Run - Grand Opening


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Always been a fan of building guest rooms but I guess you could say this is my first serious attempt at a game room... It will be open quite a bit for the foreseeable future and has a limitless credit prize. Feel free to stop on by and give it a try! Details below.

Room Name: River Run

River Run 2.png

Description: 1v1 race down the river! Start in your log boat and go until you hit a dam. Hop off and match your generator to the host's to clear the dam and continue along the river. Win and go again! Exponential credit prize based off times won in a row!

Payout explained: The more times you win in a row, the higher the payout is. However, each time you go again, you risk it all. You can choose to cash out at any point in time!

Payout based off wins in a row:
2 wins - 500c (25% chance)
3 wins - 1,000c (12.5% chance)
4 wins - 2,000c (6.25% chance)
5 wins - 4,000c (3.13% chance)
6 wins - 8,000c (1.56% chance)
7 wins - 16,000c (0.78% chance)
8 wins - 32,000c (0.39% chance)
9 wins - 64,000c (0.20% chance)
10 wins - 128,000c (0.10% chance)