RockStar_Olivia's Disney Cruise Pictures

Here's Puerto Vallarta, Part 1:

I did this excursion which parents had promised we could do in 2015. Unfortunately, it was canceled due to civil unrest so I was excited to go this time. It was a trip to a resort where you could go to their beaches and pools, as well as explore the resort. Lunch was included too. This is the view from one of the lounge chairs

The pool and beach. The pool was relaxing and I spent the majority of my time there

Another pool

Part of the resort

View from Jacuzzi, no I did not go in

View from upstairs at the resort

Part of the resort, taken from the lobby

Towel area, other pools, part of the beach


The ship

Puerto Vallarta Day Part 2 is up next. Leaving port, first part of semi formal night
Here's Part 2 of Puerto Vallarta day:

Part of the view from my room

View from my room

Part of the dock

Panorama of the view from my room

Another part of the view from my room

Part of the dock

Tourist area and some of the other side of town

Beaches and rest of town

Other side of city

Me and Rapunzel, notice how Walt is behind us

Me and Mickey

Celebrating "Mardi Gras" with Louis the Alligator from Princess and the Frog

Up Next: Semi Formal Night Part 2

@Queen of Hearts , Me with Minnie

Me with one of the CM friends I met. Her name was Alex and she was one of the ones I saw the most. Winnie the Pooh didn't want to be left out and this girl was one of the many sporting my character's hair.

Me with Belle

AbbaFab band, the Abba tribute band. They told us feel free to film/take as many pics as you want. This was one of the best.

Me with AbbaFab, an Abba tribute band, aka the show that night. L-R: The drummer, the guitarist, the blonde singer, me, the brunette singer, the keyboardist/pianist (believe it or not, that is actually the blonde woman's son, no joke) and the keyboardist (his dad)

This is the son with me. During "Does your Mother Know", he comes out into the audience (I was in the front row) and all of a sudden, he grabs my phone (I was recording it, they told us feel free to record/take photos), does a 360, has the band sing into it and hands it back to me. I was shocked and you will see him again on one of the last night's posts.

After AbbaFab left, Mickey and his handler Nicole came out. @the_chatterbox , the photographer had not shown up yet and I thought it would be fun to have her in one of my pics. I had just taken one with just Mickey and I. You will see her again in a later post

Me and Cinderella. You previously saw her with the mice so it was nice seeing her without them even though I like them

Me with Daisy

Next post will be the last set of Semi Formal pics, at my first cabaret
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Yes, I was on that ship a few years ago and took a family picture in front of it. I think it was outside of the live stage theater? Belle's dress got a major upgrade since then :D
It was, actually. Here are the last set of semi formal night pictures, aka cabaret:

This Cabaret was adults only and had several of the Walt Disney Theatre performers (live theater which you saw last post). This is the group of them singing "When I Grow Up" from Matilda

A couple of them singing something from Singin in the Rain. I would later take a pic with the guy

The girls singing "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now" from Hairspray. I LOVE Hairspray and is my 2nd favorite musical behind Newsies.

The guys singing "Grease Lightning"

A few of them singing stuff I didn't recognize. I would later take pics with the guys

A group of them doing something from another musical I didn't recognize. I was so impressed with the girl's tap dancing and I would later take a pic with one of the guys (you'll see it later in this post)

This girl sang a beautiful rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I would later take a pic with her (you'll see her later in this post)

A couple of the girls together

This girl sang a beautiful rendition of Disneyland. Many of you may not know this, but it's my home park. You will see her again in the last night's posts

One of the guys did some comedy

The group singing Friend Like Me. I was so impressed

This is Chris, one of the performers. He was Sven in the Frozen show and he was also one of the character helpers

This is Brittany, another performer. She, like Chris was a character helper and was Cruella De Vil in the Golden Mickeys

This is Mary-Claire, another performer. She, like Brittany and Chris were character handlers and she was Belle and Rapunzel in the shows. This is the girl who sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This is Alex, another performer. He was one of the Lion King singers who would sing Circle of Life in Disney Dreams, the last night's show

This is Aaron, another performer. He was Aladdin in the shows and like Jillian and Nicole (remember them from earlier posts), he always remembered my name

Me with Darren, the cruise director. He was British and I have no idea how I kept running into him throughout the cruise

Up Next: Cabo San Lucas Part 1
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Here is Part 1 of Cabo San Lucas:

The famous rocks

Resort area

Other part of town with the ship. This was taken from a tender boat

Hotels and a dock for smaller boats

Other boats

On the dock. Lots of stores

On a boat. You can see seals and pelicans

On the boat and if you look closely, you can see the Disney Wonder

Fish in the water. You could feed them if you wanted to

A cave in one of the rocks

A beach between some of the rocks

Couple of the rocks

Hole in one of the rocks

The rocks, look closely and you'll see seals

Part 2 is up next
Here's Part of 2 of Cabo San Lucas:

A beach on the other side of the rocks

Some of the rocks

Part of the beach and rocks

Other side of beach

The ship with the town

A boat with a seal behind it

One side of the town, as we were leaving, heading to San Diego

Other side

Part of the town with the peninsula

Another part of the town

Up Next: Night time aboard the Disney Wonder, Part 1
Here's the 2nd to last night on the Disney Wonder Part 1:

Incase some of you didn't see, my ship was the first passenger vessel to go through the new Panama Canal locks. The ship got a special plague for it taken in one of the stores

Chip and Dale hugging me

Chip and Dale forming a triangle of me

@the_chatterbox, here is the last pic I took of Nicole the CM. Unlike the ones you've seen, I took the pic. That's her with some of her cm trainees

Here I am with them. Nicole took this and the guy on the left is Corben and the guy on the right is Taylor

Up Next: Night 14, Part 2
Love the cinco de mayo pics Liv!
Thanks @alyssaxquack ! Here's the first part of the last full day aboard:

Animator's Palate, home of the Frozen meet and greets. This time, without Olaf and I would eat there that night

Me with Anna and Elsa. Winnie the Pooh didn't want to be left out

Me with Stitch

Mickey and the Gang group. No, I did not take a pic with them, I was too late but I did this in 2015

Me with two other handlers I made friends with. This is Jacob and Alison. The former I met on the first day when I was getting my tickets for meeting the Frozen people earlier in the cruise

This is me with Yasmin, another new friend I met. She was from England and was so funny. She was the emc'ee of Ridley Pearson's presentations and ended up with the nickname "English Vanna White". You will see her again in a later post

Part 2 is coming up next
Here's Part 2 of the last full day aboard:

This is me with Pluto

Here are two more cast members I made friends with. Their names were Kylie and Damion. I would often see them when I would see Mickey and the gang

Here I am with Goofy

Here I am with another cast member I made friends with. Her name was Jillian (remember her from the pirate post on the last page) and she was from Canada. I met her at one of the variety shows earlier in the cruise. She was a sweet girl and she must had read my mind because this was the last full day and she wore my character's hair

Me with Chip and Dale. They did NOT want me to go home and started crying. It was so funny because I never had this happen before

Me with Captain Mickey

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