Roll Up, Roll Up! The World Famous Jungle Cruise is here!

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Hip, hip hoora another game to play!

Thank you for all your hard work in bringing back the magic. Your all doing great! Thanks for the announcement too :3

I'll be playing it today once I get my head modeled (hopefully soon)
I love that this game is back. I'm having issues with it though. I cleared my cache already, and afterwards I could almost play. I've not been able to do a full play-through. And now it's back to not working at all. I've tried playing on different browsers too. Is there something I can do?
I have a problem with Jungle Cruise. When ever I play the game instead of going in the regular direction the boat is supposed to go, I go in the opposite direction. I am able to go to the second section of the river, but can't continue the game, because my direction forces me to no move during the game. Please fix this error.


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That messaged popped up once or twice for me, but that's it. Even those times I think I may have gotten credits even though it said I didn't.
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