Rotating Furniture Re-Releases


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MyVMK has been blessed with an excessively large pool of items created by talented artists over the last 6 years. However, this might not be immediately apparent to a new player because re-releases of many items are limited, even if the items have little trading value. This doesn't simply effect new players, but VMK regulars as well, because they find themselves in need of specific furni items that no one seems to have in adequate supply.

Every month, make dozens of old furniture items available that can be seen as the "basics" of room creation for that months theme. The items will be available in a SEPARATE store from new releases, but out of the general furni category such that they are distinguished without masking the new items.On top of the "basics", old but unique items that simply haven't seen a re-release in a long time can be re-released.

- It's a good way for users to spend credits
- Makes building a fun themed room an attainable goal for a new, poorly connected player
- Allows items that are needed in multiples to be attained easily (ie: carpets, gingerbread blocks, ice blocks)
- These resources can enable players to create rooms they're satisfied with more easily and keeps room-building player's engaged. This could be paired with increased reward/recognition for room creation competitions.

How To Accomplish This Goal:
VMK has tons of items, and it's difficult to curate the exact things room builders want to have access to to build their rooms. Anyone interested in this suggestion should make a small list of items in this thread that they think should be available during some month (for ease, just make it halloween or christmas related).If you have anything else you would like to add to this suggestion, let me know.

Many items in vmk exist to be used; give everyone the opportunity to create with them.

EDIT: If you have any suggestions for furniture that should be permanently available (ie: don't fit a theme but are integral to making rooms) feel free to suggest them as well :)
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