Looking For Credits Selling Clothes/Hats 7/7 WITH PRICES


buy my stuff :)
*pls PM or DISCORD me trinayagirl#7989 for photos or prices, I respond faster w/ discord!:D
-60th Celebration Minnie Dress (15k)
-Belle Winter Dress (5k)
-Purple Cheerleader Dress(8k)
-Eilonwy Dress
-Emma Swan's Sheriff Outfit+Shoes

-Maleficent Purple Outfit w/ Hat (on hold)
-Merida Gown(12k)
-Peggy Carter Outfit w/ Hat (10k)
-Princess White Outfit w/ Shoes(10k)
-Sorcerer Outfit
-Tshirt Dress Pink (7k)

-Thor Outfit w/ Cape (25k)
-Jafar Outifit only comes w/ hat, top and cape (7k)
-Woody Outfit (15k)
-Full Zenon Outfit w/ Hair and Shoes

Random Clothing:
-Cruella de Vil Faux Fur Coat(5k)
-Expedition Everest Brown Jacket (3k)
-Hanukkah Long Sleeve Shirt (2k)
-Kim Possible Shirt w/ Gloves (7k)
-Merida Flannel Shirt (2k)
-Mickey Cloud Top Long (3k)
-Scarlett Witch Top(5k)
-Stitch Tank Top

-Sunflower Leggings (2k)
-Sunflower Shoes(2k)
-Tshirt Expedition Everest

-Black Tank Top (3k)
-White Tank Top (3k)

-Baseball Cap Reversed Jedi Galaxy(25k)
-Clopin Hat (4k)
-Destiny Island Ears (25k)
-Donald Duck Hat
-Earmuffs Purple (5k)
-Expedition Everest Yeti Quest Hat (50k)

-Expedition Everest Beanie (teal)
-Flower Crown White(25k)
-Flower Crown Blue(25k)

-Ghast Mask (100k)
-Minnie Ears Retro(5k)
-Sparky Hat (35k)
-VMK Anniversary Ears
-Paint the Night (Pearl White) (15k)
-Yoda Hat (35k)
-Zombie Stitch Hat (35k)
-Ewok Hat

-5* Fireworks (5k)
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