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Clothes for sale and only looking for credits.
Either reply here if you are interested or PM me. :)
Everything listed together with a price will stay together.
WILL NOT sell pieces separately.

Ant-Man Head Pal - 2k
Aqua’s top, skirt and shoes - 6k
Babydoll Dress Black - 1k
Baseball Cap Bailey - 5k
Blue/Red Flats - 2k each
Blustery Day Scarf - 1k
Bride Frankenstein wig, shirt, skirt and shoes - 10k
Bucket Hat Pastel Purple/Yellow - 1k each
Bugs Life Antenna - 3k
Bunny Slippers Blue/Purple - 2k each
Butterfly on Face - 2k
Button Up Pink w/ pants - 4k
Candy Cane Crop Top w/ skirt - 4k
Candy Corn Bowtie - 2k
Candy Corn Cat Ears - 4k
Candy Corn Hair Bow - 2k
Captain Jack Sparrow’s shirt, pants and boots - 4k
Cowboy Pants black - 3k
Cowboy Hat - 5k
Crocs - 8k
Crocs pastel yellow - 4k
Cropped Love Heart Hoodie purple - 5k
Cruella de Vill Coat and Boots - 4k
Curtain Dress - 4k
Dreams Shirt Black - 5k
Eeyore Shirt and Pants -5k
Eugene Fitzherbert Top Pants and Shoes - 12k
Eye of Agamotto - 5k
Fairy Silvermist Top and Skirt - 4k
Bucket Hat Black - 4k
Frankenstein hat - 3k
Galaxy Leggings - 5k
Ghost Top Hat - 25k
Hanukkah Crop Top and skirt - 4k
Haunted Mansion Suit top, pants and shoes - 8k
Headband Blue/Pink/Red/White - 2k each
Heart Boxers - 5k
Heart Crown Pink - 4k
Heart T-shirt - 4k
Heartless Hat - 4k
Heartless Shoulder Pet - 4k
Penguin Hoodie - 10k
Hypnoses Goggles - 6k
Jester Hat - 2k
Jiminy Cricket Shoulder Buddy - 2k
Jingle Hat green/pink/red - 3k
Jolly Holiday hat, shirt and pants - 5k
Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins hat, shirt and skirt - 5k
Kingdom Hearts Crown - 4k
Kairi Kingdom Hearts outfits (top, skirt, shoes) - 6k each
King Mickey Swim trunks - 3k
Kingdom Hearts Crop top - 4k
Kingdom Hearts t-shirt - 4k
Lab Coat - 3k
Lumpy Head Pet - 5k
Magician hat, shirt, pants, shoes red/blue - 8k each
Mardi Gras girls green shirt - 3k
Mardi Gras boys purple shirt - 3k
Marluxia wig - 5k
Meeko Hat - 3k
Merida Gown turquoise top and skirt - 8k
Mickey Bar Ears Headband - 4k
Mickey Ears Metallic Blue/Orange/Purple - 4k each
Mickey Ears Sora - 4k
Mickey Ears Candy Corn - 2k
Mickey Ears Pastel Green/Purple/Yellow - 3k
Minnie Ears Kairi - 5k
Minnie Valentines Dress Top and Bottom - 4k
Mission Space Black helmet, top, pants, shoes - 10k
moon bobbles headband - 4k
Namine top and skirt - 4k
Native American boots - 2k
Nutcracker Top and pants - 2k
OUAT Genie top and pants - 4k
Oogie Beanie - 4k
Orange Bird Bathing suit top and bottom - 5k
Orangization top, bottoms, 2 hoods - 6k
Peggy Carter Blue Blazer, skirt and hat - 4k
Pirate Bandana Black/Red - 2k
pirate hat with or with out eyepatch - 4k each
Boys pirate shirt, pants and shoes - 6k
girls pirate 2 tops, pants and shoes - 8k
Pirate scarf black - 2k
Pleakley Beanie - 6k
Pluto Cap - 8k
Pooh Beanie - 4k
Pooh shoulder pet - 4k
Prince Edward Top and Bottom - 4k
Princess Dress Black hat top skirt and shoe 10k
Pudge Hat - 2k
Queen Minnie Bikini top and bottom - 5k
Riku outfits (top, bottom, shoes) - 5k each
Red Bow - 1k
Riku Wig - 5k
Roo Crop Top - 6k
Roxas top, pants and shoes - 6k
Shamrock Leggings and sweater - 5k
Black shorts - 3k
Snowflake Headband - 5k
Sora outfits (top bottoms and shoes) - 6k each
sora party glasses - 4k
Soras kingdom necklace - 1k
Sorcerer hat pink - 1k
sorcerer hat purple/black/candy corn/ green - 2k
spider bowtie - 2k
spider hair bow - 2k
Star bobbles headband - 3k
Star glasses - 5k
Sugar Plum Fairy Headpiece top and bottom - 4k
t-shirt dress top and skirt - 4k
tube top pink/white - 2k
tigger scarf - 2k
unicorn horn blue/pink - 2k
Ushanka Winter Hat red - 4k
Valentine’s Day Sweater purple - 3k
Zenon top, pants and shoes - 6k
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