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this does not define you.
hello there, i have collected some extras over the past few months that are just taking up space in my inventory tbh.
x1 beanie - hamm
x2 bride of frankenstein outfit (top, skit, shoes)
blue flats
x4 candy corn cat ears
x2 candy corn hair bow
x2 christmas skirt
x1 deer antlers
x1 dumbo hat
ferb shirt
galaxy flip flops
x1 glaxay leggings
x2 ghost top hat
x1 haunted mansion black outfit (jacket, pants, shoes)
x2 haunted mansion white outfit (jacket, pants)
x2 reindeer hoodie
x1 kevin beanie
x1 mickey ears - MNSSHP

mickey ears metallic blue
x2 mickey ears metallic orange
x2 mickey ears metallic purple
x1 mickey ears candy corn
mickey ears pastel green
x6 minnie ears candy corn
x5 minnie ears fuzzy
x6 minnie ears plaid bow
x2 minnie ears snowflake
mistletoe hairclip
x8 moon bobbles
x12 morph floating buddy
x2 nutcracker outfit (top and pants)
x2 pleakley beanie
x2 pluto cap
x2 poison apple head
x1 pooh beanie
x2 princess white outfit (top, skirt and shoes)
x1 pudge hat
x1 puppy ears
x2 santa outfit (jacket and pants)
x1 snowflake sweater
x2 sorcerer hat - blue
x10 sorcerer hat - black
x11 sorcerer hat - candy corn
x7 sorcerer hat - green
x8 sorcerer hat - purple
x1 sorcerer hat - sunset
x2 sorcerer outfit (top and skirt)
x12 star bobbles
x1 star glasses
x2 sugarplum fairy outfit (top, skirt and head piece)
x3 thanksgiving hat
x1 tigger scarf
x14 ushanka hat - red
x2 zenon outfit (top, skirt and shoes)
x1 zero hat

x3 choochoo daisy
x1 choochoo donald
x6 choochoo goofy
x6 choochoo pluto
x7 astronaut daisy
x9 astronaut donald
x11 astronaut goofy
x1 astronaut minnie
x9 astronaut pluto
x3 chicken little
x4 christmas eve 2018
x3 dias de los muertos cat
x1 disney animals - fozzie bear
x3 disney animals - timothy q. mouse
x3 lady christmas pup pin
x7 sanderson sisters
x1 space mountain - asteroids
x1 space mountain - pin
x1 space mountain - rocket
x1 space mountain - sign
x13 tootise pin
x3 tsum - abu
x20 tsum - dinah
x15 tsum - doormouse
x15 tsum - dug
x15 tsum - ed
x15 tsum - flit
x10 tsum - flounder
x3 tsum - flower
x15 tsum - jiminy cricket
tsum - kevin
x15 tsum - koda
x1 tsum - maximus

tsum - meeko
x10 tsum - nemo
x15 tsum - pumba
x10 tsum - rafiki
x15 tsum - rajah
x1 tsum - simba
x10 tsum - squirt
x10 tsum - timon

x15 aladdin flying carpet chair - purple
x60 autumn leaves
x40 barrel seat - green
x3 beach towel kingdom hearts
x2 beach towel moana
x1 beach towel orange
x1 blue headphone
x10 bubbling cauldron
candy cauldron
gold generator
gold penny press
gold turnstile
x3 gold scoreboard
gold velvet rope
x4 dumbo circus drum
x1 flaming hades window
x9 glass slipper seat - green
glass slipper seat - pink
x30 haunted mansion graveyard tree
x1 lilo and stitch rocket chair
x1 madame leota's table - green
x40 main street trash can
x20 menorah
x8 miss piggy liberty fountain
x10 park bench
x10 patch of pumpkins
philharmagic chair gold
x7 rattling chains
x30 spider web rug
x1 stitch pod
x45 teacup seat - purple
twilight tv

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this does not define you.
Not open for further replies.