selling royal crate items

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1x Ariel's Pink Bodice 5k
2x Ariel's Pink Skirt 5k
9x Belle's Apron Shirt 2k
9x Belle's Apron Skirt 2k
1x Belle's Yellow Bodice 5k
1x Belle's Yellow Skirt 5k
1x Li Shang Skirt 5k

6x Naveen's Royal Boots 1k
11x Naveen's Royal Pants 1k
1x Naveen's Royal Shirt 1k
1x Prince Eric Pants 5k
1x Prince Eric Shirt 5k
5x Prince Eric Boots 5k
12x Snow White's Bodice 3k
1x Snow White's Skirt 4k
2x Tiana's Blue Bodice 5k

3x Ariel Castle Shell 2 5k
3x Ariel Castle Shell 3 5k
1x Snow White Wishing Well 5k
4x WDW Ballroom Column 4k
9x WDW Ballroom Stair 3k
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*cough* so hey, I got another question, lol any chance I could alsoooo get a set of belles gold outfit? xD I can be on in about an hour.
i can trade you a bodice, but both of the skirts are on hold until tomorrow afternoon if the ppl who asked me about it do not trade me by then!
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