Selling items below. Looking for credits or good trades. :fly::aww:
PM/comment an offer or add me in game on user "odd"

This doubles as my inventory - to keep track of what I have. This is what
I value My items.
Please OFFER. I haven't been on in two years. Idk prices of norms.
Items in PURPLE will never be traded. However, I am open to all offers.
Items in
BROWN have been sold.

Green Flip Flops 1m
Green Baggy Pants 1m
80s Retro Shirt 10k
Archimedes Shoulder Pet 20k
Autumn Boy Pants 10k
Baby Ducky Hat Pink 100k
Baby Ducky Hat Green 80k

Baby Pegasus Backpack 175k
Beanie - United Kingdom 50k

BTS POTC Medal 30k
Bubble Gum - Heart 25k
Calypso Shirt/Skirt SET 550k

Cape - Sheer Pink 30k
Chunky Sandals Black 10k
Chunky Sandals Brown 10k

Cowboy Denim Pants 10k
Cowboy Green Shirt with Black Vest 20k
Cowgirl Pale Yellow Shirt 20k
Crocs - Pastel Yellow 10k
Crocs - Pastel Purple 10k

Crown of Midas 15k
Cursed Gold Eyepatch 40k

Daisy Bow Purple/Blue/Orange/Yellow/Pink SET 500k
David's Swim Trunks 20k
Davy Jones Outfit Bundle Hat/Top/Pants/Shoes SET 400k
Delbert's Robe 25k
Disney Travel T-Shirt Mint Green/Green 20k
Dreams T-Shirt Pink 10k
Finding Dory Gerald's Bucket Hat 200k
Flower Crown Green 30k
Flower Crown Poinsettia 30k
Hatbox Ghost T-Shirt 20k

Hong Kong T-Shirt Blue 10k
Jester Hat Teal 15k
Lady's Collar 10k
Light Up Santa Beard 80k
Makeup - Blushing Hearts Pink 10k
Makeup - Blushing Hearts Red 10k
Mickey Ears Dreams 400k
Mickey Ears Pastel Pink 20k
Mickey Shake 10k

Minnie Ears Backpack 60k
Monkey Shoulder Pet Jack 80k
Native American Vest 10k
Oswald Ears 10k
Pastel Bows - Baby Pink 10k

Pink Baggy Jeans 15k
Pirate Disguise 15k
Plushie - Lotso 20k

Polar Bear Scarf 15k
POTC Ears Mickey 10k
POTC Ears Minnie 10k
POTC T-Shirt 50k
Reindeer Sweater 35k
Rose Crown 10k
Royal Blue Flip Flops 10k
Shirt Plaid Pink 10k
Simba Hat 60k

Skull Backpack 20k
Spooky Reversed Baseball Cap 300k
Tramp's Collar 10k
Valentine's Day Dance Top Hat 200k
Wings - Chernabog 50k

Baseball Blue Shirt/Pants SET 15k
BATB Rose Overalls Top/Bottom SET 10k
Belle's Wedding Gown Top/Skirt/Boots SET 15k
Briar Rose Headband/Top/Skirt SET 15k
Cowboy Woody's Sheriff Vest/Pants SET 10k
Elizabeth Swan Ceremony Hat/Shirt/Skirt/Fan SET 40k
Elizabeth Swan Pirate Shirt/Skirt SET 20k

Explorer's Green Jacket/Shorts/Shoes SET 10k
Explorer's Khaki Jacket With Camera/Shorts SET 10k
Football Yellow Helmet/Shirt/Pants SET 10k
HM Black Top Hat/Jacket/Trousers/Shoes SET 20k
HM Pink Jacket/Trousers/Shoes SET 25k
Muse Top 1 & 2/Skirt SET 15k
Pink Jasmine Top/Bottoms SET 25k

Valentine Jacket/Holdable Rose SET 10k
Will Turner Robe/Hat/Shirt/Pants SET 20k
Zeus Toga Top/Bottom SET 10k

Full 12 Pin Advent 2015 Pin Set (15)
CNY - Dale (15)
Country Bears - Big Al (15)
Country Bears - Teddi Barra (15)
Country Bears - Trixie (15)
Country Bears - Wendell (15)
Fantasia - Baby Pegasus
Fantasia - Blue Pegasus (15)

Fantasia - Chernabog (15)
Fantasia - Hyacinth Hippo (15)
Fantasia - Pink Pegasus (15)

Fantasia - Yo Yo Flamingo (15)
Flower's Poinsettias (15)
Heroes Profile - Prince Adam (15)
Heroes Profile - Prince Phillip (15)
Heroines Profile - Belle (15)
Heroines Profile - Briar Rose (15)
Holiday - Aurora (15)
Holiday - Cinderella (15)
Holiday - Snow White (15)
Holiday - Jasmine (15)
Jungle Cruise - Golden Giraffe
Love Wins Pin - Silver (15)

Mickey Head - Giraffe (15)
Muse - Calliope (15)

MyVMK's 2nd Anniversary (5)
Ornament - Baymax (15)
Ornament - California Adventure (15)
Ornament - EPCOT (15)
Ornament - Forky (15)
Ornament - Jedi Order (15)
Ornament - Maleficent (15)
Ornament - Rose Gold Treat (15)
Ornament - Up (15)
Pirate Ship Silhouettes - HMS Interceptor
Pirate Ship Silhouettes - Queen Anne's Revenge (15)
Pirate Ship Silhouettes - The Empress (15)
Pirate Ship Silhouettes - Wicked Winch (15)
Ramadan 2021 (15)
Small World Animals - Giraffe (5)

Starlight Safari Giraffe (15)
St. Patrick's Day - 2021 (15)

Tsum Tsum - Easter Mickey (15)
Tsum Tsum - Easter Minnie (15)
Tsum Tsum - Judy Hopps (4)
Tsum Tsum - Miss Bunny (16)
Tsum Tsum - Thumper (7)
Tsum Tsum - White Rabbit
Valentine's Baby Pegasus (15)
Valentine's Day 2021 - Lulubelle & Bongo (15)
Whimsical Giraffe (15)

Balloon Magic 1* 500k
Drink Me Magic 5* 400k
Fireworks 5* 5k each

OG Teleportation Magic 5* 120k
Popcorn Magic 5* 100k

Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair Pink (39) 5k each
Castle Garden Lilies (4) 2k each
Castle Garden Rose Bush (4) 2k each

Crate Coffee Table Pink (117) 5k each
Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Pink (9) 3k each
Egg - Aloha Stitch (88) 2k each
EITC Crate (5) 3k each
Elsa Ice Chandelier (2) 50k each
Fantasia Fairy Statue 10k
Heart Chair - Tiger Pattern (2) 15k each
Jafar Throne (2) 20k each
Jingle Cruise Giraffe Couch (3) 15k each
Jungle Cruise Snake 1 (21) 10k each
Jungle Cruise Snake 2 (9) 10k each
Marble Column (15) 3k each
Marble Fountain (4) 10k each

P&TF Masquerade Ball Fountain 50k
Pink Princess Throne (2) 15k
Powerline Poster 10k
Seasonal Bush 3-in-1 (73) 3k each

Beauty and the Beast Ballroom 50k
Elsa Castle Room 500k

Pirate Cannon 25k
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