Should hate speech be banned?

i just posted this to get a debate started again, I say it shouldn't all forms of speech should be allowed and I don't think it's a good idea who can define what hate speech is and isn't.
Well, from my point of view since all forms of speech were to be allowed the people making the hate speech should expect their form of speech to not be taken lightly since it's a hate speech towards someone or something. People are allowed to speak their mind, but people will challenge that way of thinking.


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there are limits. your rights end when it prevents another person's rights.
also, freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences. having consequences for your speech does not mean that freedom has been taken away. it means you need to act like a grown adult and think about more than just yourself.


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The Freedom of Speech was created so that tyrannical governments such as under King George III (no offense to our UK neighbors) could not suppress conversations against the King. Now, as it is I understand no one ever likes to be talked down to or made fun of, but what speech should be protected? If not speech that includes hate for a certain group then what? The price for freedom is the knowledge that as you have free speech, so do the people who don't like you. Either freedom or tyranny, this was the Founding Fathers' point in making speech free. The knowledge that you and your enemies have free reign to say anything, but also knowing that actions do speak louder than words and sometimes those actions would lead to Civil War. We are at a critical point in history where we either make freedom for all, or for certain groups. What if one day it is decided that your group has no right to free speech? Are you willing to live in a world that promotes what is popular even if it is not right? This is how a Constitutional Republic works. United States is not a democracy like European Nations are a democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic. In conclusion, if we look at the roots of Freedom of Speech we find that the Founding Fathers wanted all to have Freedom of Speech, not just those who would agree with them and believe me there were some in the beginning who did disagree with them and they heard them all. As an American I am still for Freedom of Speech even if it disagrees with my Christian Principles. I would die so my enemies could speak their mind and bring ideas to the table to help make this country what George Washington hoped it would be. Thank You :)