Small Spring Sale - 4/29

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violent delights
I have a few things for sale. Respond here or DM me on Discord morgan#4804 (you may have to send me a friend request as I am not in the official myVMK server). I'm willing to negotiate on prices.

If there is not a quantity next to an item (ex: x2) then I ONLY have 1!

NEW items I've added since my last update are bolded.

x3 Butterfly Sanctuary Bush - 500c
DHS Tinsel Star - 500c
Easter Flowers - Coral 500c
Fantasia Fairy Statue - 500c
x2 Finding Dory Seaweed - 500c
Floral Window - 1k
Flower Carpet - White 500c
Golden Chocolate Bunny - 2k

Hay Barrel - 500c
Lattice Fence - 500c
Lily Chair - Bubble Gum - 1k
Marble Floor Black - 500c
Moana Rock Medium - 500c
Moana Rock Waterfall - 500c
Mushroom Chair Large Green - 1k
Pelegostos Pile o' Bones - 500c
Pirate Maze Wall Light Fixture - 500c
Spring Wheelbarrow - 1k
x2 Texture Cube - 1k

80s Nite - 500c
Atlantica Pin
Babies - Copper
Babies - Todd

CNY - Daisy
x2 CNY - Pluto
Canada Day - 2020
Chadwick Boseman Pin
Christmas - 2020
Cutie - Pirate Mickey
Davy Jones Curse
Fantasmic Quest Pin
x2 Frozen Tsum Tsum - Kristoff

x1 Ghostly Mickey Pin
HTH Collection - Back in Time
x2 Halloween Cats - Lucifer
x6 Halloween Cats - Yzma
Happy Halloween 2020
Morph's Treasure
Mr. Toad's Taxi Service

Muse - Melpomene
National Friendship Day - Tod & Cooper
Ornament - Jedi order
Pavilion - Italy
Pavilion - Morocco
Sheriff Callie's Wild West
Thanksgiving - 2020
Toy Story Tsum Tsum - Buzz
Veteran's Day - 2020

Anna Bathing Suit Bottom - 2.5k
Anna Bathing Suit Top - 2.5k
Ariel Bathing Suit Bottom - 2.5k
Ariel Bathing Suit Top - 2.5k
Barbie Shorts & Barbie Vacation Tank Top - 6k
Black & White Dress - 3k
Clockwork Wind-up - 2k

Conch - 3k
Cowboy Blue Shirt with Vest - 3k
Dante Ears, paws, and tail - 10k
x4 High Waisted Shorts - Dark Denim - 2k
x4 High Waisted Shorts - Green - 2k
High Waisted Shorts - Light Denim - 2k
Hoop Earrings - Silver - 3k
Jar of Dirt - 5k
Ken Sandals, Shorts, & Vacation Shirt - 10k
Kimono Black Top & Bottom - 4k
Kimono White Top & Bottom - 4k

Las Flores Dress & Bottoms - 4k
Lei - 5k
Lost Boy Shirt - Slightly - 2k
Lost Boy Shoes - The Twins - 2k
x2 Marie Bathing Suit Bottom - 2.5k
x3 Marie Bathing Suit Top - 2.5k
Mascara & Freckles - 5k
Mascara, Blush, & Freckles - 5k
Mickey Shake - 3k
Minnie Mouse Frontierland Dress (Top, skirt, and hat) - 6k
Perdita Bathing Suit Bottom - 2.5k
Perdita Bathing Suit Top - 2.5k
Plushie - Lotso - 3k
Poison Apple - 3k
Polar Bear Onesie Pants - 2k
Polar Bear Onesie Top -2k
Puffy Winter Coat Blue - 5k
Santa Lucia Crown - 5k
School witch skirt & top - 5k
Sid Skill Hoodie - 2k
Slave Leia (Top & Skirt) - OFFER please

Snow White Bathing Suit Bottom - 2.5k
Snow White Bathing Suit Top - 2.5k
Spirit Guide Dante hat, shoes, and tail - 10k
x2 Summer Flow Girl Hair - 5k
x4 Tank Top - Black - 2k
x5 Tank Top - White - 2k
Tiana Bathing Suit Bottom - 2.5k
Tiana Bathing Suit Top - 2.5k
Ursula Hair - 3k
Ursula's Necklace - 3k
Wings - Chernabog - 10k
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