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Haven't played in awhile, trying to clean out some stuff. Might add more later.
Willing to haggle.
I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. :halcyon:

Outfits -
Bride Frankenstein Full - 10k
Cruella de Vil Top & Skirt - 5k
Curtain Dress - 5k
Jolly Holdiday Full - 8k
Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins Full - 8k
OUAT Genie - 5k
Orange Bird Bathing Suit - 5k
Prince Edward - 5k
Princess White (with shoes) - 8k
Sugar Plum Fairy Full - 8k

Tops -
Candy Cane Crop Trop - 2k
Hanukkah Crop Trop - 2k
Hanukkah Long Sleeve Shirt - 2k
Roo Crop Top - 5k

Bottoms -
Christmas Skirt - 2k
Hanukkah Skirt - 2k

Shoes -
Red Flats - 2k
Blue Flats - 2k

Hats -
Ariel Mickey Ears Headband - 3k
Beanie - Hamm - 3k
Deer Antlers - 3k
Destiny Island Ears - 10k
Mickey Bar Ears Headband - 3k
Mickey Ears - MNSSHP - 3k
Micket Ears Candy Corn - 3k
Pluto Cap - 3k

Misc -
Elliot Wings - 3k
Figment Wings - 3k
Madam Mim Wings - 3k
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