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If I have the price next to it that's what im trying to sell it for, if not feel free to post an offer! :)

KH Stained Glass- Alice (10k)
2014 Valentines Heart Pin- (10k)
Dark Ride- Dinah (5k)
Dark Ride- Caterpillar (5k)
Dark Ride- Tweedledee & Tweedledum (5k)
Dark Ride- Mermaid 2 (7k)
Dark Ride- Tigerlily (6k)
BFF Tiger & Roo
BFF Thumper & Bambi
BFF Kermit & Fozzie
BFF Dodger & Oliver
World Showcase- France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, and America
Spring- 2014 (the one shaped like an easter egg lol)
Pirates of the Caribbean Insider Tour
Pirates Overboard- Goofy
Futureworld- The Land
Futureworld- Universe of Energy
VMK Football- 2014
Frozen At The Oscars
Holiday Ornament 2013- Goofy
KH Pin- Paopu Fruit
KH Pin- Sea Salt Ice Cream
It's A Small World- Italy, Holland, and Great Britain
Let's Roll
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