Spooky Room Building Competition


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Happy Spooktober everyone!

This October I am hosting a Spooky Room Building competition for all to join.

The rules are simple:
- Build your most spooky creation and have fun doing it!
- Get creative with it and use items you ALREADY own. ( I don’t want you wasting credits on items to build, since I can only award so many of you for your time and efforts)
- This competition is open to all players who are up for building a room. - Only ONE room submission per player, no multi-rooms allowed.
- Please submit your OWN unique creations and do not attempt to copy any previous rooms made on MyVMK. Plagiarism is not very festive.
- This is competition is to simply have fun and celebrate this frightful season!

Now you may be wondering about prizes: - Prizes will be give out for first, second, and third places only.
- First Place: 350,0000 credits
- Second Place: 175,000 credits
- Third Place: 100,000 credits

- May be giving out more prizes if submissions call for it!

Final submissions are due October 30th at 11:59 p.m EST.

Also, to be fair and completely transparent, the only players who will be voting on the final submissions will be myself and @Ang. Feel free to DM us on here or discord if you have any questions.

Here is the link to submit your rooms: https://forms.gle/B4vpcNEP74cL2Nf9A

Have fun!