Staff should not be allowed to Close threads in debate section bc they dont like what is being said.

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If you create a section that is supposed to be a safe place for people to respectfully debate topics and share their opinions... why is it OK to close the thread when the the rules have not been broken? If they have can you please explain?
Why should forum staff be allowed to silence people in a space where they were told they are allowed to respectfully share their honest opinions?

I've seen posts in regular threads where people talk to each other in a much more insulting way than anyone on that tread did.... yes it was going round in circles etc etc BUT why should staff be allowed to decide that the conversion was over when people may have more to say?

ALSO.. i checked all the debate threads to see what other ones have been closed... Ironic that the only other one is called "Racial Profiling".....
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I'm asking for this thread to be closed please staff.

I've decided I do not care to understand. I realize now that this doesn't even deserve a response from me - to people that will never truly understand my position in society. To even express how I feel about being silenced in this thread is demeaning and humiliating. Especially when I know that it will be treated with disregard and isn't going to change anything anyway.

From now on I will stay out of any posts that are not about trading or general game play.

Again please close this thread.... I don't care for a response from anyone at all...

Thank you
I'm APPALLED. This is RIDICULOUS @staff. Throwing in my 2 cents because even from an outsider's perspective, this is one of the WORST things you guys can do in a supposed "safe space" to share opinions. What a great idea - oppress those who are sticking up for what they think is right!!! Pathetic.
But do you even know what happened? They're not opposing anyone that is "sticking up for what they think is 'right'", what has happened literally went spiraling down and as staff can see it from their eyes, this is not going well at all. This can cause more issues than debate, from a staff point of view. I doubt they care for anything we have to say as long as it abides by the rules and we are being respectful of each other.

Staff are not horrible human beings, but rather they are doing what they think is "best", according to whatever rules they have. I know they are not perfect either and I am not praising them but this comment is a bit ridiculous and feel more like a sarcastic snark comment towards staff, rather than a constructive criticism, so they can take our opinions/comments/concerns seriously and well maybe actually listen to us and fix whatever happened.


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I would like to personally reply to this, even though you said you dont want a reply. You have every right to express your opinion and feelings. We wont stop you from doing so. But theres a way to do it, and a way not to do it. This isn't directed at you, but in general. That post you're referencing was originally post years ago and since, has gotten way out of hand. As moderators, its our job to.. well.. moderate lol. If something feels like it may directly hurt someones feelings, or is targeting a specifc group, I feel like that is a valid reason for closing the post. We're here to keep things happy and safe for everyone, and I hope you can understand that! We are not trying to silence you!
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