Stanley Cup Playoffs 2016

I couldn't believe how many people were in the streets...omg
It was odd, I saw an article about how the television stations wanted the series to go further. Suddenly, the Sharks miraculously start playing 10x better? I mean, I was at game 4 and they looked like a B league team.
Same thing happened with the Cavs vs. Warriors.
It's a weird time in the sports world.
I am SO glad I didn't go to the big screen. I would've never gotten home, it was packed!!
Good series, but LET'S GO PENGUINS, 2016 CHAMPIONS!


"Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley, give me the brandy!"
Congrats Elegance!
The Sharks put up an awesome fight! Good luck next season :hug: GREAT game!

GG Elegance, i knew the Pens would win in the playoffs. not the season since im a bruins fan Lol but im not an arragont guy tbh see you guys next season
Lol see ya next season! GG

Now what am I going to do next? I'm going to Walt Disney World! :D