Still looking for these (:


i never say never with you <3
Still looking for one more haunted mansion doom buggy egg

And I'm also looking for 2 more of these mickey head floating ghost
1 orange
1 white

also looking for 6 more skeleton chairs
either green or white

looking for the pumpkin dining tables i need 3 of those

looking for one more of those white ghost that disappears

also look for gumball lotso :D


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i never say never with you <3
also please help ya girl out :)
just trying to finish some rooms and im in need of the things listed above :)
so please ask around tell your friends whoever to spare me any of these!
would greatly appericate it <3


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I have a white mickey ghost, 4 green skeleton chairs, and 1 pumpkin dining table. Also have the pumpkin chairs and side tables if you need those. What can you offer for those?

and idk if this counts as food but i have a "remy's potato soup" and brownies.