The Epcotian Key (A screenplay project for class)

I first came up with the concept of it after my interviewer rescheduled (thats a different story for another time). What made me want to write about it was when I did my internship with Disney at my favorite location: Epcot. Also since I recalled how many of the Kingdom Keepers fandom wanted the book to be made for TV/Film.

Anyway, the project was to create a 11-page pilot screenplay. The funny thing was I came up with the entire episode in just 6 hours instead of the usual 2 weeks or so.

Synopsis: Johnathan was just your average college intern at Disney. Until he found a key that holds the mystery to Epcot's past. It is up to him and three of his friends to uncover the park's secret before it falls into the wrong hands.

I'm still working on that synopsis but if Disney decided to add more shows on their streaming platform, I think they will love it!