The Fallen RP

For years there have been angels walking among us. Always in plain sight, but very much unnoticed, but not by all. You ever wonder why someone seems to brighten your day? Or maybe there’s always that one person who seems to appear at the right time in your life. This is your angel, watching you behind closed doors. They may even be in love with you, but they can never ever love and be loved in return.That is until the fallen angels began to emerge. These fallen chose to let their inner nature show, and it began a war. This war sent the angels into a battle for revenge, honor, and love.

There were a lot less fallen than there were of loyalists. The obvious happened, and the fallen were forced to choose to stay or return to their realm. Those who stayed were forever forced immortality, to lose the ones they loved as time went on. Some moved on, others went ballistic. The Order of Angels, the security of their realm, was forced to annihilate the rouge angels. This is when the human race began to notice something dire was going on. Jack the Ripper… try a genocide to protect the human race from the very beings who were supposed to be protecting them.

Years have passed and only a hand-full of The Fallen are alive. These Fallen have moved on time after time, only to be left in the dark. Most live in the United States, but some have stayed in the Old World. Humans now know about the reality of angels on earth, and most are very much afraid. Most of the danger was put on the Nephilim, the children of the Fallen. Nephilim were being murdered left and right, all because of the fear of what they could do. See, Nephilim children have one less gene than an angel, and one more than a human. They are one step away from being one or the other, and this gene enables the children to gain special abilities. For most humans they believe that the abilities could be harmful, though so far no Nephilim has been the cause of a human casualty.

Twenty Years ago the UN set a law in order to protect the Nephilim from unnecessary death. Every Nephilim would be under government jurisdiction, and be put into a facility known as the Emortuus Angelus Institution. This law also gave the humans a peace of mind to know that the Nephilim wouldn’t be out on the streets. Obviously the angels were not all to welcoming of this. They had lost everything, their children were all they had, but the law was law. The humans took whatever need was necessary to take custody of the children, even death. Some angels decided that they would work in the facility, in order to be close to their children, and others went on the run.

Now, twenty years later the Nephilim of these angels have grown up in the facility knowing nothing of the outside world. They have been treated well, given a strong education, and nurtured by every employee as family. All is not as it seems. Something in the law was not announced to the world. These children are being experimented on in order to figure out Nephilim DNA. If the UN could figure out what the extra gene is they could reproduce it and distribute it to newborns all over the world. Diseases would be cured, technology would be enhanced, and the human race could survive stronger than ever before.

Somewhere in these past twenty years the facility realized that they could use the Nephilim for more than just medical enhancements. Most of the Nephilim have abilities that would greatly enhance the military. Part of the education started to lean towards creating military prodigies, and no one batted an eye. If the Nephilim are put into the military and killed off, the human race would have no need to worry anymore. As soon as the facility figures out how to get the extra gene, all of the Nephilim will be sent overseas. Time is running out for the children, and the only way they will survive is to escape, but will all them be willing to give up the only life they’ve ever known?

Every Nephilim has parallel birthmarks on their shoulder blades.
None are able to use their wings
Facility Nephilim Ages: 16-20
Rouge Nephilim Ages: 19-21
Genders do not have to be equal
LGBT+ friendly (gender fluid+)

Facility Nephilim
1. The Controller
(leader and eldest)
They have the power of compulsion

2. The Healer
(nurturing and elder)
They can heal any physical wounds

3. The Listener
(ADHD and younger)
They have the ability of telepathy

4. The Oracle–Twin-
(Shy and mid)
Can see future events (dates/names etc.)

5. The Artist- Twin-
(outgoing and mid)
Can see images of the future (places/faces etc.)

6. The Architect
(ornery and elder)
They have the ability of telekinesis

7. The Doctor
(bad-temper and mid)
Have the ability to cure all diseases

8. The Power
(hyper and youngest)
Have the ability of dark/light. (think Dumbledore’s deluminator)

9. The Botanist
(observant and elder)
They have an extra green thumb

Rouge Nephilim
1. The Necromancer (me)
(blunt and older)
They have the ability to communicate with spirits (not raise dead)

2. The Ranger (Claimed by: AristoKena)
(Compassionate and younger)
They have the ability to communicate with animals

· Follow all of MyVMK rules
· 1-2 Character(s) per person
· IC arguing is encouraged OOC is not
· No one liners, it causes RPs to die
· Be creative with your forms
· GM will play NPC-like characters
· Keep active, once a week at the least
· LGBT+ Friendly
· This may get put into story-form for Wattpad (probably not)
· Have Fun

((This will not start until we have every person claimed, and not for at least two weeks as I have finals starting a week from tomorrow: Date: 4/24/16))
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