The Last Time You...


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Hello beautiful people! So I'm pretty obsessed with the forum games if you couldn't already tell and I decided to make my own game. I tried searching for this to see if somebody already made this thread and nothing came up so I think I'm good to go! If someone did already create it, then I allow staff to remove this post. Basically all you have to do is tell us the last time you did something! One person answers the previous question and then asks another question and so forth. For instance, you can as questions like:

When is the last time you drank coffee?
- When is the last time you went shopping?
- When is the last time you brushed your hair?

- Etc.-

Pretty basic, but I feel like it can get interesting and fun!! Thanks to everyone who participates in my game! I can't wait to see if this becomes a more popular forum game!!
Obviously I am going to start. My question is:

When is the last time you drank soda?
4 weeks ago to go to college :)

When was the last time you sent to a museum? :o